Image of the IFP Headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

IFP is a growing motion control corporation headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our business spans four locations and five brands:

All of these collaborate to serve thirteen states with a unique blend of manufacturing, repair & refurbishing, design engineering, and components distribution. Our customers include industrial manufacturers, mobile integrators, and fluid power OEMs. Combined with our knowledgeable sales team and expansive inventory we can design, prototype, manufacture or service any conceivable motion control system.

The IFP Group of Companies employs almost 150 team members (and one robot) across these departments:



IFP was established in 1972 as a distributor of Double A, Hydro-Line, and Versa components for industrial customers. Though it was originally named Fluid Control Products of Iowa, founder Don Kaas shortened the name to Iowa Fluid Power two years later.


The company grew quickly through the seventies and by 1980 had partnered with Sun Hydraulics and Hycon Corporation to distribute mobile components around the state. As the business prospered, IFP outgrew its original location in Northwest Cedar Rapids and moved the corporate headquarters to its present location on the Northeast end of town. Service was soon added to the western part of Illinois with a satellite office in the Quad Cities. And a sister company called Fluid Tech Inc. was formed to support a major mobile account that moved from Cedar Rapids to South Carolina. All of a sudden IFP wasn't just an Iowa company. FTI's territory soon expanded into North Carolina and Virginia.


In 1992, Electro-Hydraulic Automation was formed to design and build power units for customers in Iowa and Illinois. EHA was originally headed by Don's son, Jim Kaas. It quickly grew to become a trusted design, prototyping, and manufacturing shop across the midwest United States.

EHA sits on the same property as the IFP headquarters and shares its warehouse, manufacturing, and testing areas with IFP. In 2000, Fluid Tech Inc. on the East coast was sold to Carolina Fluid Components. Its employees were rolled into EHA which continued to design and manufacture power units and turnkey fluid power systems.

Innovative Fluid Power

During the early aughts, IFP formed the Innovative Fluid Power companies to service customers outside of the Iowa and Western Illinois market. Each Innovative Fluid Power location includes a sales staff and fully-operational warehouse to support customers in its territory. While each location operates independently, all Innovative Fluid Power locations share the vision of IFP and receive the benefits of working with EHA in Cedar Rapids to implement mobile and industrial applications across the Midwest.

IFP North Building Photo

IFP South Building Photo

IFP South Building Photo

The IFP Compass

The IFP Compass is our navigation guide. It includes our mission statement, core values, and culture. As a thriving company in the motion control industry, our leadership regularly consults the compass to evaluate how we can more closely align with its ideals. And through such consistent dedication it has helped us build lasting customer relationships for the past forty-six years.

Mission Statement

We strive to maintain profitable growth by solving our customers' challenges with motion control solutions. Our strength depends on our ability to collaborate with shared resources and to extend and leverage our technical expertise in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics. We work with the right customers, represent the best suppliers, and have a "can do" attitude.

Core Values

IFP's employees are our greatest resource. We celebrate their success, support them through hardship, and invest in their professional development. We cultivate an environment of family, optimism, and dedication to craft.

We go above and beyond for customers who need and appreciate our value. Their success is ours also. And that sometimes calls for late nights, impromptu travel, and navigating the fine line between cost and benefit.

We implement advanced technology and cutting-edge methods to meet the most stringent requirements. Our design engineers take ownership of their projects every step of the way: design, drafting, prototyping, testing, and production.

Company Culture

Respect and fairness are the bedrock qualities of our company culture. We stress transparent communication and that everyone is involved, relevant, and heard.

Our company supports physical, financial, and mental well-being. IFP provides annual health screenings, a full-service employee assistance program, and subsidized gym memberships. Fresh fruit is delivered every week. Employees are encouraged to take vacation and leave their work email off.

We encourage employees to regularly evaluate internal processes and improve them. This curbs stagnation, improves efficiency, and spurs profitable growth. It's not all work and no play, however; IFP believes in a satisfying work-life balance. We make some time for fun and relaxation every day. And flexible schedules are considered when and wherever possible.